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Professional guidance is the secret weapon of successful authors. Going at it all alone is a myth!

Andrea, Owner and Editor of ACJ Editorial Services

The ACJ Editorial Services Mission 

ACJ Editorial Services believes in creating a space in the book publishing world that provides an intimate and valuable partnership for authors. 
As a boutique editorial services firm of one, I pride myself on being an approachable resource of industry knowledge. With my unique approach t
o author coaching and editing, I vow to always preserve the writer’s voice and maintain the integrity of the author's work at all times.
I will always meet authors exactly where they are in the book writing or publishing process and provide support and guidance from a place of compassion and true connectivity. 

Hello, I'm Andrea 


I am the founder and editor of ACJ Editorial Services. I provide a partnership of guidance, industry knowledge, and accountability to help writers with their books. 

I've helped writers with author coaching, outline creation, copyediting, proofreading, and consultations. If you're not sure of what you need, schedule a call and I will help you with your next steps. 

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Andrea's eye for detail offered me a wave of relief. She's meticulous, she's understanding, and she's heart-led with a passion for her work. 

Michele Charles Gustafson

Certified Image Consultant & Professional Life Coach

Author of Show Up Confident


"Be impeccable with your word."

don Miguel Ruiz


Let's partner and get you one step closer

to accomplishing your dream!

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