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Learn to do what I do. 

I launched my editorial career after obtaining high-level training from Art of Proofreading. The following courses taught me all I needed to know to launch a successful business. Click the boxes below and check them out.


Have questions? Shoot me an email. I love to share how I am able to have a career that I love working from home.



*I'm a proud affiliate of Art of Proofreading and will be compensated if you register for a paid course through my link. 

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"The Expert in Anything was Once a Beginner"

-Helen Hays 

 I remember being a "newbie" to this field. It’s hard being new. I remember it like it was yesterday. 


Schedule a 40-minute call with me to ask me anything and everything!

Consultation Fee $99 


The Top Five Questions That Land in My Inbox: 

  1. How long did it take you to land your first client?

  2. Was Art of Proofreading a good course? 

  3. Did I learn about the whole editorial industry with the course or just books?

  4. How did I land my first client?

  5. What prior training did I have?


And the list goes on. I get so many inquiries and I want to help everyone but I was having a hard time managing so I developed a comprehensive plan for 1:1 calls with anyone that has questions. 


It’s worked perfectly! Newbies to the field appreciate that I am devoting uninterrupted time to answer ALL of their questions and that I am able to provide them with valuable insight into what it was like when I launched this company and how it immediately took off! 


So jot down all of your questions and get ready to pick my brain! 

P.S. I'm chatty and I absolutely love talking about this. I MAY be known to go over 40-minutes sometimes.  

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Email me to schedule your consultation call and let's get you one step closer to your new career! 

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