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My Favorite Five Websites for Writing & Editing Support

Everyone gets tripped up, even editors! That's why Merriam Webster and The Chicago Manual of Style exist in paper and online in my home.

I created this short list for my readers because we all know that Google is our friend, but sometimes it’s nice to have a curated list handed over to you.

These are my favorite, most trusted, and visited sites when it comes to writing and editing.

They are all a wealth of knowledge!

This is my favorite and most trusted dictionary and the industry standard. Sign up for the oh so popular Word of the Day.

This is the top resource for editorial professionals and students. All of the rules for book editing are located here. I have the massive hard copy AND the paid online subscription. Totally worth it to have both. Check out their free Q&A section. It's chock full of answers.

Quick & Dirty Tips covers anything and everything related to punctuation and grammar. She presents it in a way that is easy to understand. She also has a podcast that is phenomenal!

I love this site for it's blog. High quality, informative content. When I was first starting out I discovered this post on pricing to help figure out what the going rate for editing was. There are tons of great articles to get lost in.

This site has a bunch of great tools. One that I love to share with my clients is the Self-Publishing Checklist. And fun apps like a book title generator.

I hope you'll explore and find some of these sites helpful!

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