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Thinking about writing a book? FIVE THINGS YOU CAN DO TODAY TO GET STARTED!

"I think I want to write a book, but where do I start?"


Get out your journal or a fresh Google doc and lean in for these action items! These five things are my most recommended ways to take action when asked “Where do I start?” Hopefully they will help you gain momentum and start to think seriously about writing your book!

Here are five things to get you started. (In no particular order!) I’m a big fan of acting on the one that is most exciting to you first!

1. Start to think about how you’ll publish your book

Right from the start you’ll need to think about if you want to self-publish or publish traditionally. Did you know that if you publish a nonfiction book traditionally that you do not have to complete your manuscript before landing an agent?

2. What will your book be about?

  • You have to of course decide on your topic. What is your specialty?

  • Talk to friends and family. What do they think you should focus on? Maybe you’ve heard, “You should write a book about that!”

  • Do you blog? What is the overwhelming theme?

  • Do you have a social media account? Look over your post. What are you the unofficial expert on?

3. Ask yourself the tough questions

  1. Ask yourself, “What do I want to answer with this book?” Brain dump time! People read to gain knowledge, to see themselves in the pages, or for steps they can take to get from point A to point B. What will you answer in this book?

4. Outline time!

  1. Create a rough outline. Brainstorm all of your topics from the previous steps. Think of this as the main tree trunk. Don’t overthink this. List what is exciting to you. What gets you fired up to share. You’ll revise this many times so just list away.

  2. Then brainstorm all of your subtopics. What topics fall under those? Think of this as the branches.

With my author coaching service I offer a brainstorming session that helps you develop your outline. Clients often mention that it is one of their favorite exercises. It is NOT your 8th grade English teacher’s approach to outlining. Learn more here under Author Coaching!

5. Read!

Read in your genre, this will also help you later when you need to think of comparable tiles to your book. Also read reference books in the same area of your work and whatever inspires and teaches you to stay strong mentally. Also, read some books to help you polish your craft. It takes a shift in mindset to embark on an endeavor like writing a book. I’ve curated a list of books for mind, industry knowledge, writing, etc. Check it out here.

My bespoke one-on-one author coaching dives into all of the above points and also offers in-depth guidance and accountability. I offer two very different author coaching experiences: One for Self-publishing and one for Traditional publishing. Not sure which one? I can help! Are you ready for a convo? Let’s chat!

I’ll leave you with these wise words by motivational speaker Mel Robbins,

“Start thinking of working on your dreams like you’re working on a puzzle. Each piece is a part of the bigger picture. You might not know where it goes yet, or what it connects to, but you know it has value. Eventually, you start to connect them, and the picture starts coming into view. It’s easier to find where the next piece goes. And the next one. And the next one.”

Yes, Mel, so many YESES!

Ready to learn how partnering with an author coach may be the missing link to your process? Email me at I'd love to chat and see how I can guide you and support you on your road to authorship.

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