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To capitalize or not to capitalize...

When it comes to deciding if a word needs to be capitalized or not, it's important to remember not to capitalize because it feels like an important word. The word needs to be a proper noun; just like we learned a lifetime ago in grade school. Yet, I know how tempting it can be. We all do it!

We want capitalize things like our college degree when not writing it as the full degree or we want to capitalize an important project that you were a part of at work.

I'm sharing a few example sentences of some of my most commonly corrected words in relation to seasons, degrees, and job titles.


1. Seasons (when it is a part of an official event name)

Example: We are on Spring Break 2021!

2. Degrees (when you list the full name of the degree)

Example: I am pursing a Master of Arts in Education (When you use the full degree name you capitalize.)

3. Job Titles (when you list it before the person's name)

Example: Financial Advisor Harper Jones is giving a speech today.


1. Seasons (when you are naming a season and not an event)

Example: Our spring break starts today!

2. Degrees (when you state that you have a degree, verses the full name of the degree)

Example: I have a master's degree in education

3. Job Titles (when you are saying what your position is verses your title before your name)

Example: I am an editor, and my friend is a financial advisor.

A few more example sentences of words that are so tempting to capitalize but shouldn't be:

Directions: I'm headed east, north, south, and west

Birthday: I hope you have a happy birthday! (You would capitalize, "Happy Birthday, Bob!" or if it was an event like, "Bob's Birthday Fiesta!")

Dog Breeds: I love beagles, labs, and pit bulls. (You would capitalize if it includes a proper noun as it does in "French bulldog.")

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