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Why I changed from A.C. Jasmin Proofreading to ACJ Editorial Services.

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

How it all started . . .

My love of reading and books runs deep. I was that child, reading cereal boxes, and the side of milk cartons. That love turned into books like Ramona and Beezus, The Babysitter's Club, Sweet Valley High, and the V.C. Andrews books (Hello, 90s kids!). That passion eventually evolved to Baldwin, Morrison, and Angelou.

Becoming a pro . . .

What I initially thought would be a side-hustle turned into more than that because I truly loved what I was doing. From the first day I started my editing course with Edit Republic (previously The Art of Proofreading) I felt fired up. I felt energized learning the rules and the tricks of the trade. Paying attention to my mental and physical reaction to the course is what we call in yoga, taking inventory on yourself. I recognized how passionate I felt learning the art of editorial work.

At first it was exclusively proofreading and copyediting and then one client of mine asked me for author coaching. We weren’t calling it author coaching. I was just walking along side her to help her get there and I loved it! We fine tuned her outline with my unique approach, I set strategic deadlines, acted as her accountability partner, her cheerleader, her industry go-to, and her reminder of who she was, when she hit a common roadblock.

It was time to level up . . .

I recognize the importance in leveling up as an entrepreneur. When it came time to rebrand I wanted to invest in branding that was more representative of my brand, the clients, and the services that I offer. I chose to hire a professional digital designer to craft the perfect logo. I chose Sarah Wells with Swell Design. I was initially eager to work with Sarah because of the great work that she did, but once we got started I understood why she was the best. Sarah took the time to fully understand my brand vision and why it was important for me to rebrand with a logo and name that was more representative of the work I perform and the clients that are attracted to me as an author coach and an editor: high-powered, dynamic, driven women. Read more about Sarah here.

What’s new with the rebrand . . .

1. I now exclusively work with authors writing books! I help authors of nonfiction and children’s books. What that change means for you is a 100% commitment to authors and the book publishing industry which creates a space of expertise.

My Reasons for this . . .

  • I became passionate about editing books!

Immediately after editing my first book, I was hooked. I wanted to learn all I could to offer the highest level copyediting experience to my clients. Read more about my experience working on my first book on the Edit Republic blog titled, What Working On Your First Book Is Really Like.

  • The need to support authors pursuing traditional publishing

My clients all have different reasons for wanting to publish a book. Some want it as a legacy for family and friends, some want to use it as content marketing for their business. (Becoming an author is one of the fastest ways to add credibility to your brand.!) Others, however, dream of the big leagues. They want the larger reach and the notoriety that comes with publishing with a traditional publisher. They want to be available everywhere, they want to be eligible for classic literary awards, they want that infamous up-front advance and a team of people to help shape their book into a marketable product. I recognized that I could help these authors get one step closer to a publishing contract by helping them to organize and draft their submission materials to potential agents and indie presses. Read more about my Author Coaching for Traditional Publishing here.

2. I now work as a Bookseller! What does that mean for you? Inside knowledge on book trends, what sells, what bookstores look for, what people are attracted to, and access to an inside person that has a front row seat to the the ins and outs of the consumer side of books. Read more about my love for the little indie I work for HERE.

3. I now provide a consulting option. Are you unsure of what you need or need direction and essentially want to pick my brain about all things books, editing, and publishing? You can now do just that! Schedule a consulting call, or two, today. This gives you the opportunity to have professional guidance if author coaching is more than you need.

4. I will soon accept clients within submission periods. In the book industry there are often set times of the year to pitch to literary agents or small presses. This made sense to me as an author coach to adopt the same model. What this means for you is that it will allow me to devote more attention and focus to my clients during each period. It allows for more intimacy and contact. If this is something you are interested in, shoot me an email and let’s discuss making sure that you get in to my next open submission period in July.

What stays the same . . .

1. My promise to my clients

I will continue to offer you :

  • The opportunity to LEARN. I'm your resource as you take the journey that is becoming a published author.

  • Act as a GUIDE. I will meet you exactly where you are in the process and guide you to completion.

2. The highest level of copyediting. Copyediting will polish your work to ensure it is the best version of itself that it can be. My promise to you is to always maintain the author’s voice. And approach your work with a gentle hand. Learn more about working with me with copyediting HERE.

3. The partnership of author coaching for writers that would like to self-publish. I will meet you exactly where you are and guide you to your goal of completion. Learn more about partnering to help get you over the finish line HERE.

It has been my greatest pleasure to guide, edit, and partner with the inspiring, dynamic, power-house women that I have. If you are ready to take the next step, I’d love to help you get there.

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