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You Should Know Her: Issue I

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

My client, Kimberly Joy Morgan is the award winning author of “Share the Joy” and the Founder and CEO of “Do All Things With Joy.”

The Big Qs

1. What was your WHY? Everyone asks this question and it’s because it truly matters!

I really want people to be able to live with passion and purpose and to help people to be able to truly actualize their calling in life with energy and zeal.

I’m tired of seeing people not actualize their potential because their health is so compromised that they can’t do it and they don’t have the energy to make it work.

2. What did you ALMOST allow to stand in your way? What was your limiting belief when you first started to write your book?

I really doubted that my story was relevant; that I wasn’t just repeating what was already out there.

I didn’t think that I was saying anything that would be relevant enough. All this material is already available. Why are people going to see this book as something that they want to pick up and read?

For example, I wrote about tumeric. Many people have written deeper books about tumeric. Is this little guide going to do anything? I was also concerned that anyone would read this book. I was going to put time, money, and effort into this and so I worried. That’s where I felt like maybe I shouldn’t do this.

(I’d like to mention here that Kimberly’s book won The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) Launch Your Dream Book Top 10 Author Contest for her graduating class!)

Marie Forleo gave a great example about this worry: Yes, there may be a million Italian restaurants but will someone that wants to open a new one think that they shouldn't because there are too many? No, because there can be more than one Italian restaurant.

Then I realized, that yes, this information is out there but not out there the way that I can tell it!

I got out of my own way and reminded myself that I have a unique voice that some people will want to listen to and because of that maybe there are African American men and women and minorities that will easily relate to me. My book is for everyone but I wanted to write something that we could relate to and get the information out we needed in a concise way. I didn’t think that existed, so that’s why I got out of my own way and decided to do it.

3. What is your advice to those in the same boat as you were as first time author?

I’ll share an approach to use when you first start writing your book: Break your book into the sections that you want it to include. For example, how many chapters do you want to write? Then commit to writing one or two a day. Just get it out. Don’t sit and overthink it. Even if the first draft is crap just get your ideas out because that’s the hardest part. Then go back and self-edit and then of course, hire an amazing editor like Andrea.

(I swear I didn’t pay her to say that last sentence! HA!)

The Little Qs

1. What is your Hype Song? “Say I Won’t” by Lecrae

2. What is a Book Worth Reading? “No Excuses” by Brian Tracy

3. What is your favorite way to work up a sweat? Dancing! Zumba style, intense and fast

Thank you for being transparent and sharing your wisdom, Kimberly. I know this book is just the first of many. Keep being wonderful!

Learn more about Kimberly!

She is the founder of a wonderful detox program called Gut Check 21! and she does so much more!

You can find her on the following platforms:

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All my best!


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