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You Should Know Her: Sarah Wells, Swell Design

You Should Know Her is a blog series highlighting dynamic women I've had as a client or partnered with professionally. In this issue I have the pleasure of introducing you to my designer, Sarah Wells, Owner & Designer of Swell Designs. Read more about my experience working with Sarah in my Brand Story blog post.

The Big Qs:

1. What was your WHY for starting?

My WHY for being a business owner is the flexibility, freedom, and opportunity to grow at my own pace.

2. What did you ALMOST allow to stand in your way? What was your limiting belief?

I decided to start full-time with Swell Design immediately after moving to Charlotte, NC from southern Indiana and had ZERO connections or clients. I didn't think I'd be able to thrive with those things limiting me, but I stuck with it and now have more NC clients than those from Indiana!

3. Advice to those in the SAME boat as you were. (A new entrepreneur)

You have to truly love what it is you are hoping to do in order to succeed and enjoy the steps along the way. If you love what you're doing, the hard parts are just obstacles to overcome that bring you forward and upward! Don't let the hard days get you down and always focus on the work you love and your own personal "why"!

The Little Qs:

1. I WORK OUTTTTT! What's your favorite way to work up a sweat?

I love Crossfit. It has been a while since I've done it after being pregnant and having a baby, but I hope to get back to it soon!

2. A BOOK WORTH READING? Have one that really hit you?

A super short read that I think anyone can benefit from, even if you aren't a creative, is called Stealing Like an Artist by Austin Kleon. Super fun, insightful read!

3. ALL I DO IS WIN WIN WIN! (DJ Khalid) What's your hype song?

Heat Waves by Glass Animals

Thanks again, Sarah!

Learn more about working with Sarah at

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