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Professional guidance is the secret weapon of successful authors. Going at it all alone is a myth!

Andrea, Owner and Editor of ACJ Editorial Services

"A girl should be two things: 

who and what she wants"

coco chanel

Are you ready to take action

and accomplish your dream

of becoming a published author?

The ACJ Editorial Services Mission 

ACJ Editorial Services believes in creating a space in the book publishing world that provides an intimate and valuable partnership for authors. 


As a boutique editorial services firm of one, I pride myself on being an approachable resource of industry knowledge. With my unique approach to author coaching and editing, I vow to always preserve the writer’s voice and maintain the integrity of the author's work at all times.


I will always meet authors exactly where they are in the book writing or publishing process and provide support and guidance from a place of compassion and true connectivity. 

Hello, I'm Andrea,

Founder & Editor at ACJ Editorial Services 

ACJ Editorial Services is a boutique editorial services firm. I'm Andrea, founder & editor and team of one. Intimate, meaningful partnerships are my speed, and staunch, enthusiastic support of your dream is always my top priority. 

I'm an author's coach, copy editor, and proofreader for authors of nonfiction books living in Charlotte, North Carolina. I landed in Charlotte six years ago by way of Stamford, Connecticut. After eleven years there I will always carry a piece of New England in my soul. I was born and raised in Monongahela, Pennsylvania  a small town near Pittsburgh. Once a Western, PA girl, always a Western, PA girl. (My pierogi love runs deep.) I am a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University (WE ARE?!).

​I took my love of words and language and invested in proofreading and copyediting training to learn the art of the industry and gain an education to enhance my natural ability to effortlessly edit copy as I read. I have familiarity with style books and standard industry processes such as creating word lists and style sheets to aid in the editing process. I also have the superpower of spotting a homophone (you know . . . are and our, or principle or principal,) a mile away. My learning is continuous as I am naturally curious and crave knowledge.

I like to say I grew up with my husband as we approach more years together than not. We're college sweethearts, (Penn Staters stand up!) and we have two children that we love being parents to; they are an absolute blast. Many things in this world bring me joy: family-time outside water and mountains (Hello, North Carolina!), music and food my kitchen was made for both cooking and dancing movies  and all things books and reading, of course! Carolina sunsets, dramatic movies, book stacks, fall, my house plant babies, the moon, white flowers, caprese, and oysters on the half shell with Mignonette Sauce also rank pretty high on the list.

I also escape to, oops I mean work at, a local indie bookstore a few hours a week, Main Street Books. All the book chatter with the best co-workers ever while placing the perfect books into the hands of voracious readers is a total dream come true. I also act as the facilitator for their chapter of the Well-Read Black Girl book club and manage the local author consignment program.


I love connecting with new people and hearing their stories.

Contact me below and let’s chat!