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Andrea's eye for detail offered me a wave of relief. In the creative process of writing, it is easy to be consumed by the ideas that flow, the content to include and the expression of the message you want to give. What can get lost are the details that allow the reader to enjoy the work with ease. 

Andrea's proofreading helped ease my mind that what I wanted to communicate was being delivered—and that my heart was on the pages of my book

She's meticulous, she's understanding, she's heart-led with a passion for her work and I highly recommend adding her to your book pro
ject team of support.

Michele Charles Gustafson
Certified Image Consultant & Professional Life Coach
Author of Show Up Confident
"Words really can’t express how much I appreciate the gift put inside Andrea Jasmin. She completely saved my first book before it was published. I thought I hired a professional copy editor; however, I soon discovered my manuscript was riddled with mistakes and I needed someone meticulous to save my first self published book. With a very tight deadline I asked Andrea to proofread and copy edit my extensive health and wellness manuscript complete with 100s of references. 

Praise God she agreed and took on this massive almost 300 page project. She worked tirelessly on this project. I mention this detail since it demonstrates her character and how she honors your project as if it’s her own. This woman is so incredibly thorough and detail oriented. She doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to editing your project." 

Kimberly Joy Morgan,

Owner of Do All things with Joy,

Author of Share the Joy,

Certified Health/Life Coach & Founder of "Gut Check 21"

"I recently published my first book, and my biggest fear was that there would be an error in my final manuscript. That's why I turned A.C. Jasmin Proofreading. Andrea Jasmin's attention to detail put all my fears to rest. She was a key partner in my publication journey.
Thank you, Andrea!"

Dr. Laura Happe, PharmD
Author of If You Give an Ox an Oxy 

Anonymous Client

"Andrea Jasmin is a talented and excellent copy editor. As a first-time author, I am so glad to have met Andrea a few months prior to contracting with her. This was my first time having to navigate the roads of working with independent contractors to help complete my project and Andrea took time to answer my questions for me. She is extremely resourceful and knowledgeable.

There were a few major hiccups during my process for completing my book. I wrote a memoir and hastily signed a book contract without understanding the need to fully vet the publisher. As a result, I found many errors in the publisher’s final versions of my book. Thankfully, I was able to negotiate with the publisher to get the release date pushed back.

I explained the hardship I was having as I asked Andrea about possibly working with me. I let her know that she would not receive credit on this book because I did not tell the publisher I was hiring an independent copy editor. I explained how important it was for me to present the best possible book and this complexity did not deter Andrea from taking on my project.

I am so grateful to have been able to work with someone who cared as much about my book as I did. She was a bright spot in a very difficult process. I knew she would deliver excellent work and the final version was outstanding.

If you want to work with someone who cares about the work she is doing and who will treat your project as if it were her own.

Andrea will exceed your expectations. She is the real deal."

"As a busy entrepreneur, I needed support writing my second book. My time was limited and I needed someone to hold my hand and also hold me accountable during the writing process.
Andrea did just that. As my book coach, she showed me how to break my writing down into manageable tasks that I could complete every day. Her unique method of teaching made writing my book seem attainable. In fact, I was able to complete the book in weeks!

If you need support and direction in writing your book, I encourage you to work with Andrea. She made this process so much easier for me and couldn't have been more pleased with her. She is patient, understanding, and supportive...but most of all, she delivers."

Faneisha Alexander,

Finance expert, founder of Mama & Money and host of The Fo Alexander Show 

Author of Dump Debt & Build Bank

"Highly recommend Andrea for any editorial needs."

I was very impressed with Andrea as a proofreader. I had a last minute urgent need for proofreading of a lengthy technical document that was written by a non-native English speaker. She was able to comprehend, revise and ask excellent questions to improve the piece. Highly recommend her for any editorial needs.

Hilary Felton, Medical Policy Communication Specialist 
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