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Allow me to introduce you to, 


Group Author Coaching 

When you are ready to show up for yourself and accomplish the writing that you so badly want to write, join Dot


You don’t have to write alone.

Dot is an intimate members only Writing Accountability Group, affectionately known as a "WAG." With only five members per group, all members are able to support each other and have their pain points, frustrations, and concerns shared and heard.


Dot is a small inner circle of fellow writers (or those hoping to finally consider themselves a writer) all committed to accomplishing their writing goals.

Dot was developed to help high-powered women accomplish their writing goals. These writing goals do not necessarily have to be to write a book. This club is more about establishing a writing schedule and staying committed to your writing goals.


Your experience with writing doesn't have to be what you've always been told. It's OK to create an environment of support for yourself.



Oh Hey!

I'm Andrea Jasmin

Hello! I’m Andrea. I help writers get their books over the finish line. A common theme that I address during my one-on-one coaching is accountability. It's always a top reason why I’m hired! The writer is fed up and has decided to call in a pro and so we partner and make the magic happen!

I believe in the power of the group. I developed Dot to provide an opportunity for community. Humans are meant to “do life” together. We innately want to collaborate. We want to bounce ideas off of each other, we want to have a sounding board and a partner as we work through ideas, and pain points. And I'll be the first to admit, that we want to be cheered on.

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Is Dot right for you?

It's showtime! 


Are you ready to invest in yourself and take action to learn all of the items so neatly listed below?

(Who doesn't love a list of bullet points?!)

  • Break common writer’s myths 

  • Gain efficiency

  • Learn to write more consistently

  • Maximize organization

  • Gain focus 

  • Become more productive

  • Learn to be intentional with your time 

  • Learn time management techniques 

  • Gain power by being in community 

  • Adopt a sustainable writing practice 

“You can always edit a bad page.

You can’t edit a blank page.”

― Jodi Picoult


Do Writing Accountability Groups really work?


Dot is modeled and inspired after the original WAG group developed by Johns Hopkins professor, Kimberly A. Skarupski PhD. Author of WAG Your Work: Writing Accountability Groups: Bootcamp for Increasing Scholarly Productivity. As she states,


“I’ve not seen any one tool that has faculty gain a greater sense of control of their writing process more than a WAG.”


Writing accountability groups are commonly used in Masters degree programs and with faculty of universities that are required to publish work often. They are used because they are a great tool. The environment creates results and helps to foster working with productivity and intention. 

The success that writers of all kind have due to accountability is fascinating! External accountability is a powerful tool. 

"Accountability is that glue that bonds commitment to results."

             - Bob Proctor 

Peer Support 

Listen, we all thrive off of hearing GOOD JOB here and there. I know that I do! 


Facilitated Group Meetings 

Surround yourself with fellow like-minded people in an intimate group that are at a point in their lives where investing in their writing goals with their time and money is their top priority. 


The Powerful Tool of Accountability. 

Internal accountability does not come easy, but there is real power in external accountability. With Dot you have to show up for your peers and that’s a big deal. And while showing up for them you are also showing up for yourself. 

Partners in crime: You will show up for them and they will show up for you.


"If you want to go fast, go alone.

If you want to go far, go together."

– African Proverb

They've done it.

Why not you?

Dot Membership includes the following:

  • Six-week membership

  • Golden Hour: Once a week group session with coaching via Zoom (video conferencing app)

  • Sharing of goals on Slack (a team productivity app) on Sunday evening 

  • One 30-minute 1:1 coaching call 

  • Tips for productivity, inspiration, and motivation

  • Slack to discuss any issues among members: offer encouragement, share work, vent, etc. 


  • How much is membership?


  • How many weeks is the club?


  • ​Do you accept payment plans?

       Yes. Three payments of $133

  • When is the next group starting?

       March, 2020

  • Will we review each other’s writing? 

       You may decide to share among each other but it is not part of the curriculum. 

  • Is the main focus of the group to write a book?

       While you may write your book over the course of this six-week club the focus of Dot is to develop           and sustain a writing habit to reach your writing goals. 


  • How many people are in the group at a time? 

       Only 5 people per group

  • How many times do we meet on Zoom a week?


  • Will I receive any 1:1 coaching?

​       Yes, one 30-minute call with me to ask me anything you’d like and receive guidance where you need          it.        

More Questions? Schedule a Discover call and let's see if Dot. is the right fit for you. 

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