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My promise to you is this — when I work on your project I will always keep these three things in mind:


1. I will preserve the writer's voice. That means I won't change your style.


2. I will maintain consistency. Your brand and story will be clear and focused from beginning to end.


3. I will make it flawless.

Investment: Copyediting starts at $.03/word 

"She's fair and she delivers."

Steve Grant, Author of Don’t Forget Me: A Lifeline of HOPE for Those Touched by Substance Abuse and Addiction

My book was published with Morgan James Publishing. A publishing company with very high standards of what will and what will not pass when accepting edits to a manuscript. I worked with a ghost writer and as soon as he completed the book he told me I would need to find a great copy editor! I did just that. 


I was so grateful to have been referred to Andrea Jasmin with A.C. Jasmin Proofreading from someone with the same publisher. She delivered on her promise to copy edit my book and prepared it for submission to my publisher. I felt that Andrea was a very honest person as we worked together. One thing that I really appreciated were her fair prices. I had been warned of exorbitant editing costs and was pleased to feel that I was being charged a fair price for copy editing services. Andrea really made me comfortable with the entire process. 


I’m excited to share that my book is complete and set to be released and available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Books-A-Million on February 2nd, 2020! Working with Andrea felt great every step of the way and I’m thankful I hired her to help me get to this point.


I highly recommend Andrea to anyone with editing needs. She’s fair and she delivers.

My Editing Process

What it looks like to go through editing with me.

me 1.jpg

1. First Step: I will deliver my first round of edits to you by agreed upon date. 

2. Second Step: You will accept/reject changes, review suggestions, etc. within 7 days (if more time is needed we may discuss). This is your last chance to make any other changes or add in other content. You will then return it to me. 

3. Third Step: I will conduct a final proofread and return within seven days. This is the last look before hitting publish. I will ensure that the content is as clean as humanly possible and review for the following:

  • Formatting/Spacing issues

  • The Table of Content pages are accurate 

  • Any missed typos of spelling or punctuation

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