Author Coaching for Traditional Publishing

Andrea Jasmin, Owner

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"I wanted to do write a book and get it published for six years. When people message me and ask how I'm accomplishing this mountain of pursuing publishing, I tell them I hired you. You were the missing link. I can't believe that I'm actually making it happen!"

Hannah Setzer,

Rule Breaker, Disability Rights Activist, Business Owner, Writer, Life Enthusiast, Mom, Wife, Friend, Daughter, Movement Advocate, Rebel


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"Accountability is that glue that bonds commitment to results."

             - Bob Proctor 

Author Coaching for Traditional Publishing

Traditional Publishing coaching package includes the following:

  • Development and Copyediting of Submission Materials Including:

    • Outline

    • Bio

    • Sample Chapter

    • Marketing Plan 

    • Elevator Pitch 

    • Overview

    • Why this book now?

    • Marketing Plan 

    • First 10 Pages

    • Query Letter


  • Agent/Press Search Guidance Including:

    • Teaching the steps of traditional publishing

    • Tools for locating potential Agents or Presses for submission 

    • Organization of search

    • Identifying comparable books in your genre 

    • Identifying Target Audience 

  • Partnership

  • Accountability

  • Deadline creation and implementation

  • Tools for mindset shifts to stay mentally strong during the process

You will have your hand held every step of the way to feel confident as you persue landing an editing deal. 



The cost ($399-$699) is per month of support and up to 5,500 words of copyediting. The cost varies dependent on the number of sessions you choose (two-four). 

The first month of partnering will be four sessions for every new client. After the first month we will then, together, determine if moving to three or two meetings a month makes sense. 

Copyediting over 5,500 words is priced at my standard copyediting rate of $.03/word. 

Start the process of obtaining a book contract to become a published author. I'd love to help you get there. Let's chat and see what that would look like for you! 

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