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Are you almost finished writing your book? When should you hire your editor?

“Excellence requires discomfort.” T. D. Jakes

If you want to publish a book in 2020 then now is the time to book your copy editor! Many don’t realize that editing needs to be booked a few months in advance and that it is a lengthy process.

Copyediting and proofreading are the necessary steps to deliver your book with excellence. It’s the polishing and care necessary to help you deliver your best. During copyediting is it a little uncomfortable to see your precious manuscript covered in marks? Sure, but know that it will be done with the utmost respect and my top priority is to preserve the writer’s voice. Meaning, I will never make edits that change the things that make it you!

Proofreading is the final step before hitting publish. Proofreading can only be performed if you’ve had a copy edit. It is the final step to make sure you preserve your reputation and look your best. It’s your last look in the mirror to check for lipstick on your teeth or to tame a misplaced hair.

Common Questions

  • How is editing priced?

I price per word which is a common pricing structure in the industry.

  • Do you rewrite things that I say?

No, I will flag sentences that I feel could be stronger or that are awkward worded but I do not perform any writing for you.

  • Do you perform formatting for publishing?

No, formatting is a separate step that you will need to take to prepare to publish. I will, however, check for formatting mistakes within the document and insure consistency.

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